Urgent Action Needed to Reduce Plastic Packaging

Consumers should ‘vote with their feet’ to ensure supermarkets take action on plastic waste.

The level of plastic waste currently being produced by supermarkets is unacceptable.
Plastic packaging is involved in an overwhelming number of products on supermarket shelves, even on items with no need for packaging, such as fruit and vegetables. On top of this many packages are made up of a number of plastics, making them difficult to recycle.

I welcome the moves by numerous supermarkets to reduce their level of plastic waste, however, I believe consumers can take the lead in forcing this issue.
By deliberately buying products without excess packaging and shopping at supermarkets that support these policies we can achieve real change.

The dwindling space in Irish landfills and the disastrous effect plastic has on the environment further reveals the need for action on this issue now.
Already we have seen consumers taking measures into their own hands, removing unnecessary plastic packaging at checkouts.

Consumer movements demanding plastic free aisles are prime examples of the appetite for change in this sector.
Consumers, supermarkets and suppliers all have a responsibility to make sure we achieve the goals that are in all our interests. This issue is something we can all have an impact on, striving for a cleaner, healthier packaging will benefit us all.

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