Clear and Unanimous Supreme Court Decision Welcome

I have welcomed the clear and unanimous decision made by the Supreme Court regarding the rights of the unborn.
Today the Supreme Court made a landmark decision, this judgement will allow us to move forward to a May referendum on the 8th Amendment.
It is my belief that the only rights afforded to the unborn under the current constitutional status, is the right to life provided for in the Eighth Amendment and this does not extend to other areas of the constitution.
I urge us all to accept the Court’s judgement in good faith and move forward in a civilised and respectful manner, as has been the case for the most part so far.
It is my hope that in the weeks and months ahead we can engage in a constructive, factual and respectful debate leading up to the referendum, whatever our personal beliefs may be.
We can now turn our focus to ensuring that we are prepared for a May referendum, I look forward to the parliamentary debates and the national discussion on this issue.

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