Retailers Should Lead the Ban on Energy Drinks for Under 16s

I have called on all retailers to ban the sale of highly caffeinated drinks to under- 16s.
I commend the recent moves by Boots and Aldi to implement such measures.
We know the damage high sugar and highly caffeinated drinks can have on young people’s health, unfortunately we have seen scenarios where teens have suffered heart failure following excessive consumption of these style drinks.
We also know of the increase in anxiety and heartrate associated with highly caffeinated drinks.
By limiting the sale of these drinks to people over 16 years old, we can also prevent harmful, life-long habits from forming.
Moreover, by retailers acknowledging their responsibilities and enacting these measures on their own accord, we can reduce the need for new regulations and legislation to be brought in.
Some of these energy drinks, which are often targeted toward young people, can contain the same amount of caffeine as two or three cups of coffee.
By working with the private sector in this manner, we can make real inroads on the health conditions affecting young people in Ireland and better prepare them for the future.

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