End the Use of Plastic Straws

I have urged businesses to end the use of plastic straws.
Single use plastic straws make up a considerable amount of waste each year in Ireland, with many of them ending up in landfill or the ocean.
By switching to biodegradable straws, we can significantly reduce the number of plastic straws that are used each year.
Ireland is currently among the worst offenders in Europe for plastic waste. Much of this is related to single use plastic items. We can no longer pretend that this is not a serious problem and must, in tandem with private businesses, take steps to address this issue.
This is a great opportunity for Government and business to work together to secure a more sustainable future.
Many bars and restaurants also provide plastic drink stirrers which are discarded after a single use; we can easily avoid this kind of waste.
I am very pleased to see that some companies are already beginning to switch from plastic straws to more environmentally friendly alternatives, but more can be done.
By making small changes, we can have a major impact. We should strive to be a world leader in reducing plastic waste and by working together, across society, I am sure we can leave a healthier country to our children.

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