Ring-Fence Revenue From the Sugar Tax

I have called for the revenue resulting from the sugar tax to be ring fenced, to help fight obesity levels in Ireland.

As the sugar tax comes into effect across the country, we must continue to act.

We are sleepwalking into a major epidemic in Ireland. Obesity levels have been rising consistently and in a few short years we will become one of the heaviest nations in Europe.

I believe the sugar tax represents a great opportunity for us to fight this epidemic, not only is it a positive step to reduce consumption, but allows us the opportunity to ring fence the resulting revenue to be used to fund other programmes that tackle obesity.

There are children in Ireland today whose lives will be unnecessarily cut short by the effects of obesity.

While there is no single panacea to this issue, there are measures we can take today, a multi-faceted approach will ultimately be successful and ring-fencing the proceeds of the sugar tax is one way to ensure funding to fight obesity.

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