Fast-Track Planning Process for Major Infrastructure

I have called for major infrastructure projects to be fast-tracked through the planning process in Ireland.

Today’s announcement by Apple, ceasing their plans to develop a data centre in Athenry following delays, has highlighted the need for major projects such as this to be expedited.

Creating such an environment will bolster our ability to encourage companies to develop new and existing operations all across the country.

This project would have been worth €850 million and provided numerous jobs both through staffing and construction. However, the delays experienced throughout the process, led Apple to find alternative solutions.

We should be doing everything possible to encourage greater investment in Ireland and its people, particularly in areas outside of the major cities that traditionally do not see the same level of investment.

I welcome the Government’s attempts to change the current processes; we must ensure that we make the necessary changes so that these situations are not repeated.

Ireland has great potential to develop stronger relationships with businesses from around the world; by removing inefficient aspects of our planning processes we can attract even more companies.

Expediting the planning process for major infrastructure projects will create new jobs, revenue streams and industries, and this will benefit everyone.

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