Sleazy Signs Have No Place on the Streets of Our Capital

I have called for an end to sleazy strip club advertising, that has no place on the streets of our capital
Every major capital city has an area where tourists congregate. In Dublin, Temple Bar is an area with a plethora of pubs and restaurants that attract people from all over the world who are visiting our shores.
It is a place where people form their opinions about our country and is the epicentre of our hospitality industry.
It has come to my attention that strip clubs in the area are advertising towards tourists and anyone else gathering there through men walking the streets of Temple Bar wearing sandwich boards advertising these strip clubs.
These sandwich boards depict women in various stages of undress. They are not family friendly and are demeaning to women.
What kind of messages about Ireland are they sending to young girls? These signs are degrading.
These sleazy signs have no place on the streets of our capital. If people want to find lap dancing clubs I’m sure they can search for them online, we don’t need sordid signs in family areas.
This needs to stop immediately. We need to set a good example to our young people.

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