Labour Force Survey Highlights Progress

Not long ago our country and our citizens found themselves facing a dire economic outlook, since that time we have turned the ship around and while there remains much work to do, we should note the resilience and endeavour of the Irish people.

The Labour Force Survey figures for Q2 of 2018, published today by the CSO, show an increase in employment of 3.4% from the same quarter of 2017, accounting for 74,100 new jobs.

This proves the action plan for jobs, aimed at stimulating enterprise and growth around the country, is working. This performance was stronger than expected and we now have more people employed then at the height of the boom in 2007.

It is easy to read these numbers and fail to register the human side of this story. These numbers represent the young woman recently hired as an accountant starting a career she wanted, not a career of last resort.

The electrician who has hired a new apprentice, ensuring vital trades are carried forward. The extra teachers who will educate our children, the scientists that will make breakthroughs to treat our sick and elderly and the men and women who will build our future.

This is a testament of the hard work and determination of the Irish people, without whom, these numbers would not be possible.

As we move forward, in the face of Brexit, we will continue to do everything we can to further this progress.

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