Introduce a Statutory Duty of Care on Social Media

I have called for a duty of care to be introduced on social media companies.

We had hoped that social media companies would heed our calls to do more to tackle online abuse and harassment; however we have not seen any significant change to date.

I believe it is now necessary to introduce a statutory duty of care on social media companies that will require them to act in an effective, efficient and timely manner to remove abusive content.

Recent reports in the UK show that 1 in 5 social media users have suffered harassment, abuse, bullying or fraud. This highlights the extent of the problem and why action must be taken to prevent the situation deteriorating.

Existing requirements for removal of content already provides for terror related issues, I believe this should be expanded to abuse harassment and fraud.

The perceived anonymity that the internet provides, sadly, means that there are people that will use this veil to pursue and attack other internet users who should not have to tolerate this. We must ensure that the internet is an inclusive space for everyone.

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