Removal of Blasphemy from Constitution a Positive Move

I have urged the electorate to back a Yes vote to remove blasphemy from the constitution next Friday, Oct. 26th.

In recent years Ireland has sent a proud message to the world that we are an open, free and modern society. By supporting a Yes vote next Friday, we will continue that process.

The Presidential election has overshadowed this referendum and some voters are still unfamiliar with the issue. Simply put, the role of blasphemy in the constitution has proven to be highly ineffectual and is without prosecution for over 150 years.

I believe that by removing this word we will make our constitution more fit for purpose in the twenty first century.

Removing blasphemy from our constitution will further allow us to escape the dogma of our past. It is important that voters are aware of what they are voting on.

As we have seen in previous referenda, we cannot assume the result is a foregone conclusion and I would implore all voters to support the removal and help Ireland continue to lead in a modern world.”

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