Multifaceted Approach Needed to Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour on Public Transport

I have called for new multifaceted measures to tackle anti-social behaviour on public transport.

This week’s incident on the DART marks the latest in a long list of anti-social incidents on public transport in the city. The current situation is untenable and action must be taken to assure other commuters that public transport is safe and reliable.

Most commuters will have encountered some level of anti-social behaviour, be it on the Luas, DART or Bus. This culture of intimidation cannot and should not be tolerated. The current security presence on transport, while welcome, lacks the authority to fully address the situation.

I believe that by introducing a new multifaceted approach, we can reduce the number of incidents on our vital transport lines. This would include not only a dedicated Garda Transport Unit to police key services at key times, but also increased lighting around stations and support from addiction services to combat drug use on services. Furthermore, community outreach programmes to schools and teens can provide a cultural shift on this issue.

Providing such security measures will provide passengers with greater reassurance and I believe this will boost commuter numbers as less people will avoid public transport for fear of anti-social behaviour.

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