Education and Advocacy are Crucial In Moving Forward in Eradicating HPV and Cervical Cancer

I have called for more emphasis on  HPV and testing in sex education programmes in schools.

Despite recent disappointments surrounding cervical screening in Ireland, there has been an increase of young patients receiving the HPV vaccine and taking preventative measures for their health. Thanks to the HSE’s CervicalCheck programme, along with patient advocacy and support from NGOs, the awareness of cervical cancer and HPV testing has never been higher.

However, a strong stigma still exists surrounding HPV and the vaccination. This is why I believe information about HPV and testing must be emphasized in sex education programmes in schools.

I am very supportive of the HPV vaccine initiative rolling out next autumn which will allow for girls and boys to receive the vaccine at the appropriate age. According to Professor of Gynaecological Oncology Donal Brennan, with a 60% vaccination rate, we can achieve herd immunity for HPV in Ireland. Research has shown the HPV vaccine is amongst the safest vaccines administered, so confidence needs to be built around this fact.

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