Introduce National Anti-Bullying Policy for Schools

I have called for the introduction of national anti-bullying guidelines for schools.

Currently, schools are required to create their own policies regarding how to deal with bullying in accordance with the National Action Plan on Bullying. However, this has led to varying policies with varying effectiveness.

I believe the introduction of a National Anti-Bullying Policy which sets out clearly what procedures to follow, would prove beneficial.

Victims of bullying often find themselves in a situation whereby the school or teachers are unsure or are reticent to act.

We should also look to our European partners, such as Finland who have seen dramatic reductions in school bullying, following the introduction of ‘KiVa’, which aims to educate children and teens involved in bullying incidents and bystanders, as well as teachers.

Following the success of this programme, other EU countries such as the Netherlands introduced their versions with similar success.

Bullying can happen to anyone, and can lead to significant torment for the victim, we need a system in place that will effectively lay out a clear procedure to deal with the issue when it occurs.

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