Reclassify Social Media Companies as Publishers

I have called for social media companies to be reclassified as ‘publishers’, making them responsible for content they distribute.

I believe that social media companies bear some responsibility for the images and videos that are shared online. Reclassifying the social media companies as publishers would put skin in the game for the industry.

Currently, extremely graphic images and videos can be widely shared online; we have seen this time and time again, most recently following a tragic accident on the M50. On each occasion the social media giants have been slow at best to act.

I have previously called for a mandatory statutory duty of care to be placed on social media giants and I believe the newly formed National Advisory Council for Online Safety should consider this option.

We must confront the reality that content and images being shared around the internet can result in real life consequences. This is particularly important when considering that young children and teens can be exposed to content glorifying self-harm, among other damaging behaviours.

Introducing this reclassification of social media companies, would, I believe, lead to swift and profound changes to people’s ability to share disturbing content and therefore make the online environment a safer more positive place for us all.

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