New Tea Rooms in Fairview a Welcome Addition to the Community

I have welcomed the development of designs to install tea rooms and an attached garden to Fairview Park.

The announcement of designs for the tea rooms is a welcome one, adding a valuable amenity to the park for locals and visitors, while adding to employment in the area.

The proposed plans will see the old public restrooms restored and transformed into a place that will serve the whole community. Situated at the edge of the park, it will allow easy access for locals, cyclists and walkers alike.

The plans outlined by the council include an indoor area of 80 seats; while there will be an extra area for outdoor seating. I will be following up with the council in an effort to explore the possibility of making a section of the outdoor area dog friendly.

Fairview Park attracts a number of dog walkers, however, there exists a lack of pet friendly spaces for owners to enjoy. By making a section of the new designs dog friendly, it will strengthen an already good idea.

I look forward to the future progression of these plans for Fairview and making them a reality.

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