Water Fountain Scheme Needed Nationally

I have called for a national water fountain programme to be rolled out across the county in an effort to reduce single use plastics.

Drinking fountains represent a tangible and effective way of reducing the amount of single use plastic waste we produce.

We already have some pilot programmes in operation in the Dublin area and have proven to be a valuable addition to the area. Fountains have been installed in Howth and Malahide Demesne, allowing ease of access for locals and visitors.

I believe that this programme should be expanded nationally around areas with heavy footfall, parks and walk-ways. This will dramatically reduce the consumption of single use plastic bottles, as individuals can avail of refill stations in convenient locations.

This is a straight forward and simple measure that can make a big difference in the effect we have on the environment as consumers as well as providing a cost saving option for everyone.

To meet and tackle the climate challenge we face in Ireland we need a broad and comprehensive plan to reduce our emissions and waste. This will require new approaches, and new plans to be developed across this country and make it as easy as possible for people to interact with these plans effectively.

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