Divorce Referendum a Chance to Show Compassion

I have urged voters to support the upcoming referendum of divorce.

The referendum, to be held on May 24th, will give us a chance to relax some barriers to divorce in Ireland. The electorate will be asked whether or not they want to reduce the minimum requirement of living 4 years apart and replacing it with a reduced period decided in legislation.

I believe that voting yes in this referendum will mean our constitution more accurately reflects the modern Ireland we live in.

As the law currently stands some people must wait 4 years before they can begin another legal process of divorce begins. Some can find themselves stuck in separation causing emotional and financial damage due to a variety of reasons.

Our constitution should represent what we as a people believe and reflect the reality of life in Ireland.

Unfortunately some marriages will end in divorce; I believe that we should not prolong the suffering of all parties involved by imposing lengthy separation terms, instead reducing the number of years will allow the chance for reconciliation but also respect an individual’s decision to end a marriage.

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