Howth Bike Scheme Would Reduce Traffic Congestion

I have called for the introduction of a Howth bike scheme to reduce the amount of traffic congestion in the area.

Introducing a bike scheme, such as ‘Dublin Bikes’, would encourage more people to cycle and, as a result, have a positive effect on the chronic traffic issues effecting the area.

More over giving people the option to cycle will also provide a chance for people to get more physical activity benefiting not just physical health but also mental health.

We have seen the success of similar schemes around Dublin city which has proven to be massively popular and cost effective; I believe a similar scheme would prove beneficial to Howth.

As anyone living in the vicinity of Sutton Cross will know, there are serious issues regarding the flow of traffic, the solutions to this issue will not be one initiative or policy but rather a variety of solutions. Introducing a bike scheme is one such action we can take to incentivise people to leave their car at home.

I will be hosting a public meeting on Monday, April 8th in the Marine Hotel, Sutton at 7:30pm, where this as well as all transport issues will be discussed.

As the population grows across North Dublin, we must find sustainable ways of taking transport forward, accommodating the free flow of traffic, through public transport, cycling infrastructure and private cars.

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