Take Up of Water Pipe Replacement Grants Worryingly Low

I have urged people to apply for government grants to replace their water pipes.

Earlier this week testing revealed that there is significant concentrations of lead in tap water in certain areas of Dublin and across the country. This is an alarming situation and one that must be rectified without delay.

I welcome the fact that there are no longer lead pipes used in the water mains, however there remains lead piping running to individual private homes.

There currently exists a grant scheme that individuals can apply for and will allow them to have lead pipes replaced. The take up rate of this grant has been very low to date, this is a situation that we must reverse.

Removing lead pipes from our entire water system will be an important step in ensuring a safe and reliable service as well as allaying the concerns of residents across Ireland.

I would encourage anyone who might have lead pipes or plumbing running to their homes to apply for this grant. This will also require public bodies to look at what we can do to improve the take up rate.

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