Comprehensive Plan to Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour Urgently Needed

I have called for a comprehensive plan to combat increases in anti-social behaviour incidents on public transport.

We need to take action now to turn the tide on a worrying trend in the number of the incidents reported to authorities. To do this we will need a multifaceted approach support both passengers and staff on public transport.

While I welcome the increased number of security hired, I believe that this will not be enough on its own to dramatically decrease the number incidents on our transport network.

Instead I believe a number of solutions working in tandem across all our public transport operators will see a more effective result. This will include expanding text lines, which already exists on LUAS, to DART and Bus services.

We must recognise that for every reported case there are likely many more that go un-reported, creating an easy and private way to report incidents will allow more people to report problems.

Introducing these measures, along with more lighting, CCTV and greater empowerment of staff and drivers who often are not adequately resourced to deal with some of the issues they encounter, we can begin to see a reduction in the worrying statistics on anti-social behaviour.

Our public transport belongs to all of us, no one should feel intimidated on our transport and we should never accept that anti-social behaviour is inevitable.

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