Barriers To Sunscreen Should Be Removed

I have called for barriers to accessing sunscreen to be removed outlining a number of measures that could be taken.

We know that sunscreen plays a significant and important role in preventing skin damage that can lead to cancer. Melanoma is the most common cancer in Ireland despite being preventable in most cases.

Protecting your skin by using sunscreen is crucial to preventing damage, particularly in hot temperatures in summer, the likes of which we are experiencing now.

I believe that we can take action in a number of ways to prevent the development and spread of this disease, including reducing the 23% VAT rate imposed on sunscreen and, as other countries are considering, making sunscreen freely available to those who are required to be outdoors for long periods of time in the course of their work.

These measures will prevent people from getting these diagnosis as they remove the hurdles between them and this simple, potentially life-saving, product.

Every year 12,000 people in Ireland will be diagnosed with skin cancer, according to the Irish Cancer Society, deeply distressing is the fact that this number is expected to double by 2040. Introducing proactive measures and educating people about the risks of sunburn and skin damage will allow us to begin to stop this estimate coming to fruition.

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