Urgent Clarification Needed On Apartment Safety

I have called for urgent clarification over safety concerns in a Belmayne apartment complex.

Residents of the 900-unit apartment complex were recently contacted by management informing them that some of the apartments had issues regarding fire and balcony safety, however they could not confirm how many were effected or to what extent.”

This situation is absolutely intolerable and needs to be addressed immediately. People need to have assurance that their homes and their families are safe and denying information to them is an act of moral and ethical cowardice.

A number of surveys and reports over the past 7 years have highlighted potential fire spread risks and other safety defects, this includes inspections commissioned by the management company which raised concerns and suggested further research be done, the results of this research is only available to owners under supervision.

No one should have to worry that their homes are unsafe to live in, for years residents in the Belmayne complex have been left in a void for a number of years not knowing the exact safety condition of their homes.

I believe any information that a party has on this matter should be shared with all stakeholders and clarify this situation as soon as possible.

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