Businesses and development companies must provide electric charging points to encourage uptake of EVs

Companies and apartment blocks must be required to install e-charging points to encourage uptake of electric vehicles, a Fine Gael Senator has said. 

I believe that by requiring businesses and development companies to provide e-charging points for electric vehicles, it will make them more enticing to use.

This comes at a time when electric vehicle sales are booming across Ireland, so far sales of these vehicles in 2019 are nearly triple that of 2018 and July’s sales of electric vehicles was not far behind the entirety of sales in 2018.

This is a massively positive sign. Consumers are now opting for a greener alternative to traditional vehicles, we should therefore be offering even more incentives for individuals to join this decision.

I believe businesses and apartment management companies should be required to provide charging facilities for employees, customers and tenants.

Major cultural changes, such as moving away from fossil fuels, require government, businesses and consumers to work together to achieve real change.”

I will also be trialling an electric vehicle in the coming weeks to understand how we can improve the systems in place for owners of these greener vehicles.

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