Automatic Voter Registration Needed to Update Ireland’s Electoral Process

I have called for voter registration to be updated to reflect a modern society.

Currently an individual who wants to register must complete forms and have them approved by relevant authorities. I believe that in this day and age, we can update this process making it easier for people to cast their vote.

The current voter registration system proves a disincentive to young people, some of whom already assume they are automatically registered. We also know that young people are becoming more politically engaged, as demonstrated by the recent climate change protests.

There are a number of ways we can bring our registering system into the 21st Century, other jurisdictions register voters automatically when they interact with State bodies, such as social welfare or driving license applications. Some nations choose to engage with secondary school children whose registration automatically activates on their 18th birthday.

Our democracy relies on people having their say on what they want the future of our country to look like, I believe that by introducing automatic voter registration, we can strengthen our democracy and potentially increase turnout on polling days.

I believe that this is something we should consider and that the introduction of automatic voter registration will improve electoral participation.

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