More companies should aim for ‘B-Corp’ Certification

I have called for more companies to set targets to achieve a B-Corp certification.

A B-Corp certification is awarded to companies that meet the highest standards in its environmental impact, public transparency and a balance between profits and purpose.

Currently there are only two companies in Ireland that have been awarded this certificate, they join over 3,000 companies in 64 countries across the globe.

We need to work with private companies if we are going to achieve the changes in our society that are desperately needed. B-Corp certificates allow companies to meet these standards in a way that works for them. This can include allowing staff to work remotely in order to reduce their carbon footprint or changing their packaging to reusable or compostable materials.

Encouraging more companies in Ireland to set these goals for themselves and achieve this award will improve not just the environment but it will also improve the standard of living and happiness of employees.

This kind of initiative, if used by private companies, reduces the need for government intervention in the form of legislation. I believe that many companies recognise that they can do more to improve the society the operate in. This is one such way they can do it.

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