Fast food delivery companies need duty of care to contractors

I have called for companies like Just Eat and Deliveroo that employ contractors to deliver food, to provide a duty of care for employees.

I believe that companies such Just Eat and Deliveroo should be doing more to make sure their employees are safe and protected while doing their job.

A duty of care should apply whereby deliver drivers and cyclists are given the necessary equipment to allow them to carry out their duties safely. This duty of care should include providing employees with the necessary lights, helmets and high-vis jackets where applicable.

I would also not that these companies don’t miss the chance to advertise their brand on the vehicles of employees and should go one step further to ensure employees can operate in safe conditions.

I believe that these companies should also provide delivery drivers with training in road safety which can be hazardous during rush hour and busy times.

Employee safety should be paramount in any company operating a delivery service in the city centre.

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