New electric car incentives needed

I have called for the introduction of new incentives for electric car owners.

We must continue to provide incentives for people who are considering buying electric vehicles. Until electric cars become the majority we must do everything we can to encourage even greater take up.

Recent trials in Canada saw registration plates of electric cars marked with a green sticker, this in turn allowed owners with this sticker to avail of reduced parking fees and access to some traffic lanes in non-peak hours. The trial saw increases in the number of electric vehicles on the road.

While the number of electric vehicles in Ireland is growing, I believe we can still do more to incentivize consumers to choose electric.

Transport contributes significantly to our carbon emissions and if we are to tackle to this problem it will take a multifaceted approach with a number of new initiatives. Providing incentives for electric cars will be one factor in this process.

Climate change represents the biggest challenge facing our generation, we owe it to future generations to work toward a cleaner, more responsible, society.

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