Introduce climate change studies in schools

I have called for climate change studies to be introduced in primary and secondary schools.

Next year Italy will become the first country to introduce climate change studies in schools. It will initially be in civics classes but will be widened into other subjects as the programme develops.

I believe that this is something that Ireland can learn from and that by introducing climate studies into our own curriculum we can better prepare future generations of students.

This does not mean that our own generation should not be acting, we must act on climate change with the urgency the situation requires, however I believe that by bring climate studies in to the classroom we can teach students how our activity impacts on the environment around us.

I believe that through this approach we can foster a more aware, engaged, society on this issue.

We have seen the protests held by school going children not just in Dublin but all over the world. Young people want to see policies put in place that will limit the worst effects of climate change. Theirs is the generation that may see the worst of the climate changes we face.

We have a duty and a responsibility to protect the climate and by introducing climate studies to Irish schools we can create a society that will meet that responsibility.

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