Renewed focus on Diabetes required

I have called for a renewed focus on Diabetes in Ireland, marking World Diabetes Day on Thursday, November 14th.

Diabetes diagnoses have been growing and will continue to grow in Ireland over the coming years. This will require us to re-dedicate ourselves to making people aware of the risks and warning signs of Diabetes.

Currently, there are approximately 225 thousand people in Ireland with Diabetes, it is estimated that 30 thousand of these individuals are living undiagnosed. The forecasts for the trends in diagnoses is to rise significantly over the coming decade.

The causes of these trends are multifaceted; however, the role of diet and obesity is significant. I believe that the general public should be made more aware of the dangers of developing Diabetes and what can be done to prevent the development of the disease.

Lifestyle changes, if made on time, can prove extremely successful in prevention of Diabetes, increasing exercise, losing weight and dietary changes have been shown to be effective in numerous studies.

Diabetes can drastically reduce the quality of life of people all over Ireland, approximately, 65% of Type 2 diagnoses are preventable, educational promotion on the disease as well as greater engagement with risk tests can see a greater awareness and hopefully a reduction in the rate of diagnoses in Ireland.

We do not have to endure the worst effects of Diabetes that will effect countless lives and add stress to our health system. Together, we can make significant inroads to the fight against Diabetes.

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