New CSO figures highlight improvements

Newly released CSO figures that show another year of improving standard of living of people in Ireland.

These figures show that the situation for many Irish people are improving and continuing to improve.

The CSO revealed that in 2018 the median annual household disposable income rose by 8.5% compared to 2017. They have also detailed that enforced deprivation fell to 15.1%, to contrast this in 2013 this figure was 30.5% this means that in the past number of years, more than half of people living in enforced deprivation have been lifted out of this category.

This is a dramatic improvement in the situation felt by many individuals and families in our society. While there remains more to do, in order to improve the situation of everyone in our community, we must also recognise the progress we are making.

Behind each of these statistics are real people who we pass everyday in the street, by improving the circumstances of vulnerable people in our community we improve our society as a whole.

These new details should give us encouragement that for many people income and quality of living is moving in the right direction.

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