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27. 9. 2017

13.5% VAT Rate on Sunbed Sessions and 23% on Sunscreen is an Unacceptable Discrepancy that Needs to be Addressed in Budget 2018

I have described the discrepancy between the 13.5% VAT rate on sunbed sessions and 23% VAT rate on sunscreen as both incomprehensible and unacceptable. Under the VAT Consolidation Act 2010 […]

15. 6. 2017

Whilst I welcome the end of roaming charges, I am calling on providers to inform users of data limits

Today (Thursday) I  called on network providers to text customers each time they travel in the EU with information on data allowances and surplus charges following the implementation of new […]

9. 3. 2017

Irish Cancer Society’s Campaign to Reduce Hospital Parking Costs Needs to be Supported by Govt

Today, I called on the Minister for Health to support the Irish Cancer Society’s ongoing campaign to reduce exorbitant hospital car parking prices by issuing parking pricing guideline. I was […]

28. 2. 2017

The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill needs to be implemented without further delay as alcohol consumption rose by 4.8% in 2016

According to provisional figures released by the Revenue Commissioners – alcohol consumption in Ireland rose by 4.8% in 2016. The figures show that per capita alcohol consumption was 11.46 litres […]

26. 1. 2017

I have called for VAT reform in the interest of Ireland’s health

In 2015 the Royal College of Physicians warned that Ireland could become the most obese country in Europe by 2030 if urgent action is not taken. In light of such […]

15. 12. 2016

Hospital Car Parking Costs Need to be Reduced and Streamlined

Today, I called for the reduction and streamlining of exorbitant hospital car parking costs. Many relatives of patients with long term illnesses are being forced to fork out exorbitant costs […]

8. 12. 2016

Data sharing between Gardaí and insurance companies needed urgently to tackle fraud

This week, I called for data sharing between Gardaí and insurance companies to be prioritised, in light of reports that UK motor insurance fraudsters targeting our compensation culture. I was […]

1. 12. 2016

Pubs proposing the introduction of loyalty cards should be denied a licence

Today I protested the granting of a licence to a Cork publican who has proposed to introduce a loyalty card scheme for alcohol consumption –   despite Garda objections to the […]

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