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19. 7. 2016

Active apps like Pokémon Go need to be supported by Government.

Today I called for Government support for active apps like Pokémon Go, which combine games with fitness. The video game Pokémon Go is currently sweeping the mobile gaming market in […]

7. 7. 2016

Mobile phone Companies’ ‘cherry picking’ of Coverage Areas Needs To Be Addressed.

In the chamber today I highlighted the fact that mobile phone companies are cherry picking the areas they supply 4G coverage to and are thus leaving many areas- especially rural […]

5. 7. 2016

97% of parents surveyed want traffic light labelling to help them make healthy food choices for their children

Following a survey of 250 Irish parents conducted by my office, I have called for the introduction of a mandatory traffic light labelling system to help inform parents of the […]

1. 7. 2016

Faster broadband needs to be introduced as a matter of urgency!

Today I called for faster broadband to be introduced to Ireland as a matter of urgency. Ireland has one of the highest percentages of rural dwellers in Europe and one […]

1. 7. 2016

Some Potential Upside to Brexit.

While Ireland is deemed to have more to lose than fellow European Union member states by Britain’s decision to quit the EU, the possibility that firms keen to stay in […]

23. 6. 2016

Shocking New Report On Alcohol Consumption.

New data compiled from the hospital in-patient reporting system has confirmed the impact of alcohol consumption on our health system. This report clearly illustrates how Irish peoples’ drinking patterns are […]

23. 6. 2016

Revenge porn must be criminalised

I was shocked to hear a victim of cyber harassment, or what’s more commonly known as revenge porn, talk about her ordeal on radio this week. The young woman endured […]

15. 6. 2016

Digital marketing of junk food to young teenagers needs to be regulated now

Today I called for urgent regulation of the digital marketing of junk food to young teenagers. The new report by the Irish Heart Foundation is very worrying. It has found […]

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