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10. 5. 2018

Sweet Snack Tax Could Further Combat Obesity

I have called for the introduction of a sweet snack tax following the release of UK study showing such a measure could result in a greater overall reduction of sugar […]

3. 5. 2018

Ring-Fence Revenue From the Sugar Tax

I have called for the revenue resulting from the sugar tax to be ring fenced, to help fight obesity levels in Ireland. As the sugar tax comes into effect across […]

26. 4. 2018

End the Use of Plastic Straws

I have urged businesses to end the use of plastic straws. Single use plastic straws make up a considerable amount of waste each year in Ireland, with many of them […]

11. 4. 2018

Sugar Tax is Proving a Huge Success Even Before its Implementation

In advance of the implementation of the Sugar Tax, it is already having an impact on how soft drinks companies are selling their products. In a bid to avoid the […]

29. 3. 2018

Folic Acid an Obvious Solution to NTDs

I have called for the mandatory fortification of flour with Folic Acid. Recent studies, described as a game-changer, have removed any doubt that this is a safe and highly effective […]

8. 3. 2018

Retailers Should Lead the Ban on Energy Drinks for Under 16s

I have called on all retailers to ban the sale of highly caffeinated drinks to under- 16s. I commend the recent moves by Boots and Aldi to implement such measures. […]

22. 2. 2018

Urgent Action Needed to Reduce Plastic Packaging

Consumers should ‘vote with their feet’ to ensure supermarkets take action on plastic waste. The level of plastic waste currently being produced by supermarkets is unacceptable. Plastic packaging is involved […]

15. 2. 2018

Time To Introduce a Deposit System on Plastic Bottles

I have called for the introduction of a deposit system on plastic bottles to encourage recycling. This would require consumers to pay an extra fee depending on the type of […]

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