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25. 5. 2017

My Speech on the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (Gender Pay Gap Information) Bill 2017

There are numerous complex reasons why a gender pay gap exists, not only in Ireland but all over the world. Reasons include the fact that women are, in some cases, […]

18. 5. 2017

Genealogy Testing as a Tourism Initiative

I  came  across a very interesting community project in Kilkenny, which is connecting people abroad of Irish descent with their ancestral homelands by way of a simple DNA test. Last year 22 […]

18. 5. 2017

My Speech on the Adoption and Tracing Bill,

First and foremost this Adoption (Information and Tracing) Bill will give adopted persons, birth parents and relatives a legal right to an information and tracing service. In my view, this […]

18. 5. 2017

Additional incentives for electric cars should be introduced here.

According to a report by the World Health Organisation, air pollution from particulate matter, from both petrol – but more so diesel engines – is causing serious respiratory and cardiovascular […]

18. 5. 2017

My Speech on Childhood Obesity

  As this House is well aware, I have long been a strong and vocal advocate for the urgent need to tackle the growing obesity epidemic – especially childhood obesity. […]

9. 5. 2017

My speech on the new report by the National Oversight and Audit Commission

I was struck by the new report released by the National Oversight and Audit Commission, released today which found that less than half i.e only 15 out of 31 local […]

2. 5. 2017

I have called for at least one ASD unit to be introduced into every school nationwide that needs one

Currently in Ireland, approximately one child in 65 is diagnosed with autism. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is the name used for a specific set of behavioural and developmental problems and […]

26. 4. 2017

I have called for increased funding for subsidised cycle lanes and purchase schemes

  A report, carried out by experts from the University of Glasgow over five years, shows that 46% of those who cycled to work lowered their risk of cardiovascular disease […]

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