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26. 4. 2019

Adopting WHO Guidelines on Early Lifestyle Habits Will Benefit Us All

I have called for the full adoption of guidelines from a new WHO report on screen time and physical activity. This is the first time the WHO has issued such […]

18. 4. 2019

Mandatory Registration of All Bikes Sold Needed

I have called for mandatory registration of all bikes sold to be introduced in order to counter increases in bike theft. Figures disclosed this week showed that 4,000 bicycles were […]

18. 4. 2019

Take Up of Water Pipe Replacement Grants Worryingly Low

I have urged people to apply for government grants to replace their water pipes. Earlier this week testing revealed that there is significant concentrations of lead in tap water in […]

12. 4. 2019

Impacts on Health Should Be a Focal Point of Future Transport Policy

I have called for health implications to be considered in all future transport policy developments. By taking into account the impact of transport on health we can improve standards of […]

5. 4. 2019

Weekend Reduction in Public Transport Fares will Incentivise Use and Reduce Pollution

I have called for a reduced rate of fares to be introduced on weekends for public transport. By reducing fares on weekends, we will be incentivising travel on public transport […]

29. 3. 2019

Howth Bike Scheme Would Reduce Traffic Congestion

I have called for the introduction of a Howth bike scheme to reduce the amount of traffic congestion in the area. Introducing a bike scheme, such as ‘Dublin Bikes’, would […]

29. 3. 2019

Health Budget 2019 Increases Will Benefit Tens of Thousands of People

  More affordable healthcare including a reduction in prescription charges for pensioners and an increase in the drugs payment scheme threshold are to come into effect across Dublin. These changes, […]

29. 3. 2019

Divorce Referendum a Chance to Show Compassion

I have urged voters to support the upcoming referendum of divorce. The referendum, to be held on May 24th, will give us a chance to relax some barriers to divorce […]

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