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8. 2. 2018

Water Refill Stations Will Reduce Waste

Recently, major European cities, including London and Paris, have taken steps to reduce plastic waste. We have a proud tradition of respecting the environment in this country and we must […]

7. 2. 2018

Raise the Digital Age Of Consent to 16 Years Old

The age of digital consent should be raised from 13 to 16 years old. It is important to be clear in what we mean by the age of digital consent. […]

1. 2. 2018

New Meningitis Test Can Save Lives

Each year, 200 children are diagnosed with Meningitis, 10% of these children will die. A further 10% will suffer major disabilities such as brain damage or amputations. While another 33% […]

10. 1. 2018

Time To Overhaul The TV Licence System

The current model of the TV Licence system is broken and needs to be overhauled as a matter of priority, according to Fine Gael Senator Catherine Noone. At present the […]

30. 11. 2017

Bread Should Be Fortified With Folic Acid

Bread should be fortified with folic acid to ensure the population gets enough folate. During a meeting of the Joint Committee on the 8th Amendment, medical experts advised there would […]

23. 11. 2017

Nudge Theory Could Make Us Healthier, Drive Safer And Cut Hospital Waiting Lists

New policies, already introduced in the UK that introduce behaivioural science to policy formation, could prompt us to eat more healthily, drive safer, help cut hospital waiting lists and encourage […]

9. 11. 2017

New Study shows 20% of Irish 7& 8 year-olds are overweight or obese – Urgent Action Needed

A new report showing 1 in 5 of Irish seven & eight year olds are overweight or obese is a cue for urgent action. The Growing Up in Ireland report […]

19. 10. 2017

I Have Called for the Introduction of Nutri-Scoring in Ireland

Each product is given points, positive and negative, relative to the levels of sugars, proteins, fat, fibre etc in the food. The sum of these elements then determines what Nutri-Score […]

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