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29. 3. 2018

Chronic Chef Shortage is negatively Impacting The Restaurant Industry And Consumer Experience 

The current shortage of qualified chefs in Ireland is reaching chronic proportions and is not only negatively affecting countless Irish businesses- but also the consumer experience of many diners.   […]

19. 10. 2017

I Have Called for the Introduction of Nutri-Scoring in Ireland

Each product is given points, positive and negative, relative to the levels of sugars, proteins, fat, fibre etc in the food. The sum of these elements then determines what Nutri-Score […]

5. 9. 2017


I am calling for the mandatory introduction of daily PE classes in all schools across the country. We all know the positive effects of exercise, regular physical activity helps children […]

20. 7. 2017

Going Dutch!

The British-Irish Parliamentary Report on Childhood Obesity is a welcome piece of research and it should be used by the Government to direct policies and actions to prevent the increase […]

6. 7. 2017

New study shows direct link between obesity during pregnancy and birth defects

I have  highlighted a major study which has found that women who are obese when they conceive are more likely to give birth to a baby with serious birth defects. […]

29. 6. 2017

Social media networks must take more responsibility for their users following worrying new report

A recent survey by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) in the UK, has revealed that four of the five most popular forms of social media are harming young […]

15. 6. 2017

Whilst I welcome the end of roaming charges, I am calling on providers to inform users of data limits

Today (Thursday) I  called on network providers to text customers each time they travel in the EU with information on data allowances and surplus charges following the implementation of new […]

4. 4. 2017

My IPU Speech on Female Equality in Politics and Business.

Women represent 50% of the world’s population –as such it follows they should have a 50% say in the decisions affecting them. In 2016- women sought to be among the world’s most […]

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