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8. 12. 2016

More Spot Checks Needed To Clamp Down On Rogue Christmas Tree Vendors

Today I called for an increase in the amount of spot checks on unlicensed Christmas tree sellers following an rise in the number of rogue vendors selling Christmas trees illegally. […]

8. 12. 2016

OECD study whilst encouraging reveals a gap in gender performance levels in science and math

A new OECD study published this week has shown that Irish 15-year-olds are significantly above average when it comes to their performance in science, maths and reading. In the latest Programme […]

8. 12. 2016

Data sharing between Gardaí and insurance companies needed urgently to tackle fraud

This week, I called for data sharing between Gardaí and insurance companies to be prioritised, in light of reports that UK motor insurance fraudsters targeting our compensation culture. I was […]

1. 12. 2016

I have called for the Minister to address the lack of low-protein food products on the long term illness list

Approximately 1 in every 45,000 babies born in Ireland is diagnosed with Phenylketonuria (PKU) and 1 in every 65,000 babies born in Ireland is diagnosed with Homocystinuria (HCU). Both are […]

1. 12. 2016

Pubs proposing the introduction of loyalty cards should be denied a licence

Today I protested the granting of a licence to a Cork publican who has proposed to introduce a loyalty card scheme for alcohol consumption –   despite Garda objections to the […]

22. 11. 2016

More can be done to alleviate the rental crisis in Dublin

I heard an interesting comment this morning concerning the strange irony that many visiting tourists to Dublin are now staying in apartments – whilst the homeless are in Hotels. We […]

17. 11. 2016

Vaping found to be 95% safer than smoking

This week I spoke on vaping in Ireland and the benefits it may provide to those looking to quit smoking. The Public Health England review, found that vaping is approximately […]

17. 11. 2016

I highlighted the issue of rural broadband blackspots

This week I spoke on the crucial issue of rural broadband, particularly the low quality or lack of broadband that a significant portion of the country experiences. A new study […]

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